All Quartz Double Distillation

3062.100 – All Quartz Double Distillation 

• It has been designed keeping in view customer requirements and easy serviceability of the equipment. All Quartz Double Distillation consists of demountable upper and lower boiler
• The lower boiler has a built-in heater enclosed in a quartz boiler with a cup on top.
• The upper boiler has a built-in quartz coil and a condensing unit which is mounted on the boiler with the help of a ball and socket joint.
• Double-walled condenser ensures separate condensation of vapors coming from the two boilers using a single cooling circuit.
• The unit is mounted on a specially designed powder-coated stand and is also provided with Safety Control Unit.
• This new dual-safety cut-off has been designed for better and more accurate control of the distillation unit. It has been incorporated with advanced microprocessor-based electronic circuitry.
• This has the latest electronic technology that has been introduced by our company which gives an easy user-machine interaction.
• The alphanumeric LCD which has been used shows all messages that correspond to the running of the machine.
• Also there is an alarm system that beeps as and when user attention is required.

Double distillate Quality

Specific Conductivity 0.1-0.5 µs/cm
Parameters Values
Specific Conductivity 0.1-0.5 µs/cm
Biological Activity (distillate quality) Pyrogen Free
Organic Matter Nil
Total Solids 0.1 mg/ltr
Silica <0.01 mg/ltr

•** All the parameters are under Standard Test Conditions, Please test the distilled water before use.
•** We recommend a Quartz Reservoir for storage of High Purity Water
•** It is recommended to use Water Softener Unit with All types of Water distillation for desired output, good quality distillate, and long life.



3062.100 – All Quartz Double Distillation

CAT NO Output(mL) Cooling Water Consumption (ltr/hr) Power Rating(kW)
3062.100.01 1.5 ltr/hr 50 ltr/hr 3.0 kW
3062.100.02 2.5 ltr/hr 70 ltr/hr 5.0 kW
3062.100.03 4.0 ltr/hr 120 ltr/hr 8.0 kW
3062.100.04 5.0 ltr/hr 150 ltr/hr 9.0 kW

NOTE: 3062.100.03, 3062.100.04 Are With 3 Phase Power Supply