Automatic Water Distillation Equipment

3053.100 – Automatic Water Distillation Equipment

Compact & User Friendly
•This fully automatic water distillation equipment has been designed for better and more accurate control of the distillation unit and can use in research laboratories, hospitals, etc.
•It has been incorporated with advanced microprocessor-based electronic circuitry.
•The alphanumeric LCD which has been used shows all messages that correspond to the running of the machine.
•Also there is an alarm system that beeps as and when user attention is required.
The distillation has the following features:
• Replaceable Silica Sheathed (Quartz) Heater: The Horizontal quartz jacket is fitted with a removable silica heater and screw-threaded connectors for ease of cleaning when scaling is formed.
•Cooling water from the condenser is re-circulated into the boiling chamber, saving energy.
•Boiler is provided with a Replaceable Side Flow for easy draining and cleaning of the boiling chamber, which also reduces the chances of breakage.
• The front cover is easily removable making access to the glass parts very easy.
• Electrical Power: 220/240 V, 50/60Hz, Single Phase Supply.

Additional In-built Safety Features:
•Gate Valve: Conserves cooling water wastage in case of power failure Flow Switch: Additional in-built safety feature for the equipment unit shut off in case of cooling water failure.
• Temperature Switch: The boiler is equipped with a safety temperature switch that shuts off the unit if the water level in the boiler falls below the heater, thus saving the glass parts from any damage.
• Reservoir Level Sensor: This helps in the automatic working of the water distillation equipment. Depending on the water level in the reservoir it will automatically switch On/Off the equipment, saving energy.
•Reservoir can also be provided with a storage capacity of 5 ltr, 10 ltr & 20 ltr made of Borosilicate Glass or polypropylene at an extra cost.

Distillate Quality:

Output Cap (pH) Conductivity µs/cm Cooling Water Requirement Power Rating
2.0 5.5-6.0 <3.0 1.5 ltr/min 1.5kw
4.0 5.5-6.0 <3.0 2.5 ltr/min 3kw

• Output quality would depend upon the quality of the inlet feed water to the boiler.
• For high purity & low conductivity water, we recommend quartz water distillations.
• All parameters are under standard test conditions.



3053.100 – Automatic Water Distillation Equipment
Technical Specifications:

CAT NO Output (ML) Stage
3053.100.01 2.0 Single Stage
3053.100.02 4.0 Single Stage
3053.100.03 2.0 Double Stage
3053.100.04 4.0 Double Stage