Ethanol Kit

2166 – Ethanol Kit
• Compliance with DIN/ISO 4788, 835
• With Individual Class ‘A’ Certificate with NABL
• Engraved in White
• Highly resistant to chemical attack.
• With Solid Glass Stopper
• These pipettes are graduated to deliver from any graduation line down to zero at the jet, with the last drop blowout

Ethanol Testing Kit



2166 – Ethanol Kit

Cat. No Description Pack Of
2166/1 Both the devices will be used to measure the amount of
ethanol in petrol, it is mandatory to be on every Petrol
Pump from now onwards, Without this, you will not able to
check the quality of petrol. Graduated Measuring Cylinder
with NABL Certificate 150 ml Graduated Glass
Pipette With NABL Certificate 10 ml