Reflux Assembly with Stirrer

3008.100 – Reflux Assembly, with Stirrer

• Includes Round Bottom Flask (1000mL).
• Includes multiple Adapters with three Necks.
• Includes Stirrer Guide, with Rubber Sleeve Gland & Collapsible Paddle Stirrer (450mm).
• Includes Coil Condenser (150mm).
• Drying Tube, Separating Funnel (100mL) & Stopper.
• Comes with standard Joints.



3008.100 – Reflux Assembly with Stirrer

Cat. No. Description Pack of
3008.100.01 Reflux with Stirrer Assembly consists of R.B. Flask 1000 ml. multiple adapters three necks, stirrer guide, rubber sleeve gland, collapsible paddle stirrer 450 mm., coil condenser 150 mm., drying tube, separating funnel 100 ml. and stopper 1