Single Stage Water Distillation Unit

3058.100 – Single Stage Water Distillation Unit

  • Consists of a Boiler made from high purity Quartz with built-in Heater and Bottom Discharge Joint for easy cleaning of deposits, a Spiral Condenser is fitted on the Boiler with Receiving Adapter and a Safety Control Unit (Optional) to protect the Glass parts in case of water failure or Overheating.
  • Conductivity: <3µS/cm with Borosilicate Condenser
    <2µS/cm with Quartz Condenser.
  • Distilled water Quality : Pyrogen Free.
  • Distillate Temperature: 50°C to 60°C.
  • Distillate is pyrogen free also it is free of heavy metals.
  • Switch on time is less than minute providing distilled water instantly.
  • Low on maintenance.



3058.100 – Single Stage Water Distillation Unit

CAT NO Output (mL) Cooling Water Consumption(ltr/hr) Power Rating(kW)
3058.100.01 2.5 ltr/hr 35 ltr/hr 2.0 KW
3058.100.02 5 ltr/hr 65 ltr/hr 4.4 KW
3058.100.03 10 ltr/hr 120 ltr/hr 9.0 KW